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Project Description

About this Project 

This Freeware application is for kids who is learning to write diary. Authorize user is needed for the security of the content. This Application is for Single user. 
If you are authorized user then you can simply add new entry,edit it or even delete the entry. Write your thoughts and wishes, give the diary entry a name and press the 'Save' button. The application stores all diary entries and allows you to edit them anytime. To protect user's privacy, the diary is protected by a password. You can also change your username or password for your data's security. 


What is used in this project?

XML File, Text File and Dataset. This application will automatically create XML file via dataset to store some data. The Diary content itself will store in text file.

This application will encrypt the diary content and will hide the XML file and Text file for security needs.


About Developer

This Application is developed by Grace Chella and Dhimas Radityo

Machung University - Information System

Indonesia - East Java - Malang

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